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Because the goal of any education system should be that its students reach autonomy.

Learning towards Autonomy


A different

We provide practical, methodical tuition programs to help students become autonomous learners. We don’t want students to memorise a good essay because it worked well once; we want students to learn skills to systematically argue, analyse and write so that they can do well every time. We teach our students skills for life, not just for one exam.

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    Our Style

    We focus on teaching a systematic set of skills so that our students are prepared for any situation in their assessments. We want our students to grow towards avoiding mistakes during their exams, not regretting the mistakes afterwards.

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    Our Programs

    We use a practise-driven system which focuses on students being taught what changes to make to move up the marking criteria, with an emphasis on constructive marking and feedback to help make the way forward transparent for every student.

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    Our Tutors

    We hire people who are passionate about learning and believe in students’ potential to grow, not just people who did well in their chosen subjects. Our tutors know their subject material and want to see their students exceed their own expectations.

    From the Blog

    Because of Autonomy Tuition, I didn’t have to do a pathway course into University. I saved a lot of time and money and have gained skills and abilities which were non-existent prior to my graduation, and which have contributed greatly to my success at Uni.
    — David, HSC 2013